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Friday, January 30, 2009

Birmingham Boat Show Story - Showing a Monterey 214FS

The Birmingham, AL Boat Show started Thursday January 29th 2009 at the Jefferson Civic Center and Buck's Island Marine with two separate areas has Monterey Boats proudly displayed. The traffic today although slow was quite entertaining!

Today there was a couple checking out the Monterey 214 FS on the display floor. I approached the gentleman to add a few tid-bits of information about Monterey Boats and the model he was interested in. While engaged in conversation he asked many intelligent questions regarding the features and operation of his potential new vessel. One question stood out above all. He inquired about the amount of water the boat would "draw" (how deep it sits in the water at rest). During the explanation he asked where the waterline would be on the hull. I showed him an approximate location of the water line. His next question floored me... Get this... "How much deeper will it sit when the water levels come up?"

???? HUH????

I thought I had heard it all!

Archimedes ran through the streets naked screaming eureka when he discovered displacement... I guess he had never been to the Birmingham Boat Show!

Kirk Lewellen
Regional Sales Manager
Monterey Boats
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Murfreesboro, TN 37128
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  1. I love the stylized boat-on-water graphic in the first image. Nice write-up.