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Saturday, January 24, 2009

17th Annual Raleigh Convention Center Boat Show

The 17th annual Raleigh Convention Center Boat Show has delivered on its promise to be the biggest and most exciting edition yet of this fantastic annual event! The show features all boat models and types with all the amenities at incredible price points! Monterey Boats and Chatlee Marine are certainly one if the premier featured craft in the show. On display this year Chatlee is showing a Monterey 194FS and the 214 FS. With the many lines represented and limited space Monterey is please to be represented. As Monterey and Chatlee grow together I hope to see more models represented and a broader representation of the Monterey line up.

Chatlee marine has a rich history in this region, sporting over forty years in the Sanford/Raleigh market bringing boaters and boats together and building memories. Jeff and Robbie Yow are the mind as well as the muscle behind Chatlee Marine today. Daily you will see Jeff and Robbie driving an excellent force of forty-five employees to make boating fun and enjoyable! Their facility located in Sanford, NC is a boat shoppers dream. Multiple indoor showrooms to store and display your new boat and the six acre test lake get consumers up and running safe and comfortably. The service facility with certified techs on staff as well as fiberglass repair Chatlee has it all!

This is the first year this show has had an opportunity to present in the all new Raleigh Convention center and everyone is glad to be there. Clearly this facility brings to Raleigh a much needed venue for just such an event. Earlier in the week this area was hit with an amazing 6"-8" of snow. I am sure there were some difficulties with the dealers moving into their display space but everyone made it and it all looks great! The snow melted just in time and the weather has been perfect, a great time for the whole family.

This year the crowds have been excellent. The show opened Friday with good attendance and Chatlee was able to connect a few Monterey boats and their new owners. Saturday in my opinion had to have broken record in attendance. The day didn't stop and the sales team did an outstanding job. Sunday poses to be as strong as Saturday and consumers are still coming out in droves. The consumer base in Raleigh, like Atlanta, seem to be educated and asking excellent questions bringing them closer to their buying decisions. We would love to see them all in a new Monterey boat!

Thanks to all the staff at Chatlee and Monterey boats for making it all possible and a special thanks to Jeff and Robbie Yow, Matthew Mabe, Robert Faulk, Andy Kraft, Charlton Richardson, Kipp "K Dog" Thompson, Marc Zimmerman Jeff Osborne, Matt Wicker, Chris Martin, Logan Griffith & Scott Knuth

The Chatlee display you can't miss!

Another view of the display...

THE World famous Johnny Craig
Kirk Lewellen
Regional Sales Manager Monterey Boats
1918 Cliffview Ct.
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
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