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Saturday, January 3, 2009

I have had an inspiration


With my recent loathing of any television programming as of late, I have to admit that for what ever reason I have been inspired! The DVR taped the latest New Yankee Workshop program I watch occasionally. This program started almost elementary in discussion but I too was made again aware of things we get sloppy and sometimes impatient doing. The explanation was excellent and not too "dumbed down" to remember the basics. I can envision a total novice with a band saw and a teaspoon of gumption completing this project with no problem!

As a wood worker I "grew up" with my father in his shop. I learned wood working by osmosis I enjoy it, I can do it, it's creative and I find it entertaining and fun! I too have a small shop in my garage that I occasionally "play" in. This most recent program went back to the roots or at least to me, seemed that way. Some of the first things I remember my father creating were tables, parson benches, pie safes and the like. This program reminded me of those times. So with that, I have been inspired to build some desperately needed Adirondack chairs for the yard.

I can't say at the moment I have fully examined this project but I'm thinking.... Mahogany or teak?

Well I found a chair that I think will work nicely for a pattern. It will involve disassembly, that won't be an issue considering there was no glue used in its original construction just a few screws and bolts. After disassembly and a light sanding to cleanup the parts I should be ready to start production. this chair was purchased from Harbor Freight and is constructed from a light weight Fir (I think). It has been somewhat maintained over the years but it is starting to show its signs of wear. This chair is about three years old. It is stained with a simple, old, cheap, red wood stain which worked very nicely. For the new chairs I am still leaning toward a Teak or Mahogany and a more natural finish... Well, something else to think about...

Keep your eyes peeled and see if anything develops, spring is right around the corner.

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