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Monday, February 6, 2012

Honey Bees on The Move
On a quick pass by the hives on this warm  February day  I noticed the bees were certainly on the move. They all seem to be moving about nicely. All of the hives here had plenty of activity and they were even bringing in pollen, some was white and some was yellow looking. Curious where they might be finding it. I have noticed a few dandelions blooming and there are some oak trees that have a few buds poking out but this is certainly unusual weather and I am sure the bees are as confused as we are.

In the Tennessee beekeepers hand book it is noted that starting in February that it is customary to start checking the hives and that February and March are the two biggest months to lose a hive due to starvation and critters...

It is also noted that it is this time when the Queen will start laying new brood for the comming season. We are hoping for a better bee year and a great honey flow with some healthy hives intact...

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