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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Salad Table Experiance

Earlier this summer I discoverd from the Maryland Agricurtrial department the idea for a salad table. Now Mind you my wife was not on board with the idea at first. but as the project developed she got on board real quick.

The Salad table is essentially a table that is about 3" to 4" deep that is filled with dirt in order to grow vegetables in. It is waist high with three compartments.


The bottom is covered with aluminum door screen from Lowes home improvement store and then lined with a sheet of newspaper and finnally filled with compost. This year we grew a loose leaf salad lettuce radishes and spinach.
The idea is that you can cut the greens and they will fill back in for some time to come. When they quit producing then you pull them out and replant. Lettuce Radishes and spinich only take about 30 days before you can start harvesting real food!

Tasty looking dont you think? This picture is about 15 days in or so. It is late in the season andwe have passed the extreme heat that has been thesummer of drought and opressive heat. On average during summermonths the salad table will consume about 2 gallons of water a day.
This is a great addition to a pation or pool deck in our case. It is right outside the kitched door, on a saturday morning it is nice to have a fresh spinach omlet straight from the salad table. Radishes, Spinich and lettuce makes a pretty mean salad too.

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