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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Craigslist Greenhouse

The Craigslist Green House


The latest addition is the new construction of a 12'X12' green house from mostly reclaimed and materials purchased from Craigslist. 

The conceptual idea was started in Google/Tremble Sketchup. You can find the greenhouse in the Tremble SketchUp Warehouse.

Item procured through sometimes were free althought there were some purchased Items an approximate breakdown goes something like this:
                Windows                               Free
                6 crank out windows             $250
                Doors                                     $100
                Stone for floor - from another project lying around - Free??
                Corrugated roofing clear       $350
                Screws / fasteners                  $150
                Fan and louvers                     X-Mas present
                Shelving and tables               Free wood and wire shelving
                2X4 and Misc Plywood        $500
                Paint                                      $80
                Electrical                               $200

Currently I am estimating the cost at less than $1,750 or there about...  below are a series of construction photos... I am very pleased with the final results. I would also like to thank my Father, Robert Lewellen for all his assistance and encouragement in this project. If it weren't for him there would be no Craigslist Greenhouse!

Leave me comments and let me know what you think!

Sketchup Plans - Created from an idea of a south facing windows at a latitude of 35 degrees. the rule of thumb is to add 10-15 degrees to your latitude to get the optimal winter sun. EASY! 45 degrees ot there about. I think this one is closer to 50 but it works great. From winter sun up to winter sun down there is light entering the glass all day long!


Framing and construction starts... This is a "temporary structure" therefore the are no building codes or restrictions however, the building codes person I spoke with stated that is a $75 fee for permit with the city but that in my area it was not necessary unless we lived in a deed restricted area. There are other outbuildings in the area so...

Test fit of the glass framework - it luckily came out to amost excatally 12'!

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