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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tournament Time - FLW Outdoors - Morehead City, NC Team Reel Krazy

FLW Outdoors - Morehead City, NC

Team Reel Krazy

Sunday Oct, 9 2005 - Arrival in Atlantic Beach - Condo rental from Spectrum Properties a huge benefit for the team. Splashed boat and moored at Portside Marina / Miramar Boats in Morehead City, NC. Thanks to the great folks (Denhard and Kay) at Portside/ Miramar.

Monday Oct. 10, 2005 - Tournament day one, boat number 40 and a 7:30am checkout. Cold and Rainy. We bought bait from Capt. Stacy before checkout and initially they looked BIG and strong. Straight to the Dead Tree hole and trolled without a strike. A 13 mile run at 11:30 to the Little Ten yielded big seas and strong winds. Once we arrived at the little ten it was difficult to even get baits in the water. After about thirty minuets, we made the agonizing run back to calmer waters. Special Thanks to Pat with ESEA RIDER his beanbag chair came in handy!!! Late day reports from Team Extreme (Wellcraft Capt. Mike Everhart) broughtus to the Rock Jetty "parking lot" where we latched on to several fish with one weighing 20lbs 09oz. This fish put us in 13th at the end of the first day. Special thanks to Genmar for putting on a great spread for all the Wellcraft and Hydra Sports owners, the food was excellent! Thanks

Tuesday Oct 11, 2005 - Day two, cold and rainy, back to the Rock Jetty "parking lot" for a string of teenagers. Seas were easy but the wind continued to blow. Final fish to the scales was only 15lbs 15oz. Bumping us to 34th… we still managed a $1500 check for our efforts and we secured our spot in the championship event! Congratulations to Marcia-D Perry Johnston in his new Hydra Sports on the win… it's a shame he left $30,000 in Yamaha's money on the table…

Wednesday Oct 12, 2005 - Thought we had a day off and the FLW had scheduled the Wellcraft Kellogg's team for a 7:00am photo shoot. Delays in the shoot proved fruitful… We found plenty of bait on the backside of Shackleford Island and floated the net in one throw. More delays found us searching the chart for options… We ran three miles East to AR315 and within 5 minuets and only two baits in the water we had a 25+ on and on its way to the boat… Prospects for the championship were looking better.

Thursday Oct 13, 2005 - Championship day one, boat number 37 and another 7:30am checkout. . Bought bait from Capt. Stacy before checkout again and decided to only buy 2 doz and put them in one baitwell and catch another baitwell full before checkout. After checkout we found bait on the beach at the Atlantic Beach water tower we didn't manage to get it before checkout… Straight to AR315 we caught 7 - 8 fish all day the biggest coming in at 23lbs 13oz. Team Kellogg's, Wellcraft and Carolina Boat and Yacht were in 8th place after day one!!! Needless to say, we were excited but we knew our fish was not likely to hold…

Friday Oct. 14, 2005 - Reports from My Turn (Hydra Sports - Capt. Steve Venable) in second place after day one put us in the ship channel. We brought two fish to the boat and watched as Reel Culture (Wellcraft - Capt. Shane Hollar) boated a good fish and left the area!!! Questions arose with Team Kellogg's and at about 11:00am we returned to the beach for a tough time of catching bait and returned to AR315 for the remainder of the day. We caught plenty of fish, the sun came out (Thanks Solar Bat Sunglasses) but nothing to beat the 23-13 we had at the scales. There was an FLW camera on the boat with us and we had a great time. We took Tony to the scales but unfortunately we came up a little short finishing 14th in the Championship event.
Saturday Oct. 15, 2005 - Congratulations to Early Riser - Capt. John Parks - A Wellcraft and Yamaha owner on winning the first FLW Kingfish Championship and $150,000. Congratulations also have to go to Team Reel Culture, Rebecca Ann, Double Shot, Team Chevy, Sea Rat, My Turn, Capt. Dan, East Coast Sports and Team Snickers! And all that just go to go fishing!

Team Kelloggs - Reel Krazy - FLW Team is comprised of: Captain Bryan Edwards, Mike Glover, Kirk Lewellen and Shelly Lewellen. Consistency was the key we finished 9th in the points overall for the year and the first Genmar / Wellcraft / Yamaha as well as the top finishing sponsored boat. Thanks to Wellcraft and Kelloggs!!!
See ya Next Year!!!

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