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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Preverbial First Post

Well, here we go! OK, seems like the thing to do... Blog... This is my first attempt and I am really not sure what might be some things to come. I am not a writer, I tend to have a conversational tone in general. So, wish me luck and I hope you enjoy it!

Here might be a few things I could write about in the life and times...
My experiences in boating, boat sales, the boat industry in general or Monterey boats? My creative side has a greater tendency to be a bit more "tactile" in nature i.e. I like to build stuff... Cars, like the Bradley GT, Bren's Volkswagen, the Long EZ, the newest gas powered bicycle, RC airplanes, Boats and more. In short, this verbal creation is a new thing although, I did take creative writing in High School...
Kirk Lewellen

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